• Steve Davis Steve Davis
  • Paul  Thornton Paul Thornton
  • Katharine  Hegarty Katharine Hegarty
  • Robert  Narracott Robert Narracott
  • Rachel  McFadden Rachel McFadden
  • Francis  Bell Francis Bell
  • Alice Woodward Alice Woodward
  • Tom  Harper Tom Harper
  • Andrew Lee Andrew Lee
  • Chris Le Petit Chris Le Petit
  • Luke Jackson Luke Jackson
  • Elizabeth  Davis Elizabeth Davis
  • Sian Narracott Sian Narracott

About Us

We seek to achieve excellence in architecture by providing creative design solutions, which add value for our clients and improve the quality of life for the occupants.

NOMA is an award winning, RIBA Chartered Practice located in the centre of Bristol. Our projects range in scale and value from the individual to the corporate covering all sectors of the building industry. We provide a considered, aspirational and contextual approach to the buildings we design.

We have a wide client base and provide our clients with a comprehensive and uniquely tailored service from inception to completion, which leads to repeat business. We are Client focussed and offer reliability, efficiency and consistency.

Our Directors Steve, Paul, Katharine and Robert are justifiably proud of the diversity of work undertaken since the founding of the Practice in 1985.Our Directors value fairness, commitment and motivation and work with our experienced Team to lead each project, offering our clients a direct line of contact through each stage.

Our Team

We value being proactive, productive and cohesive. Our Team are the core of our business and provide quality of service to our clients. We believe that investing in people, so they can learn and develop, is key to being a progressive practice. We hold a monthly series of CPD's by industry professionals, carry out regular internal 'design critiques' and provide monthly 'CAD tips and tricks' to make sure our Team are learning and engaged.

We are an equal opportunities employer and have an impressive staff retention rate. Two thirds of our team have worked at NOMA for over five years and half of our Team have been at NOMA for over ten years. We are a social practice and provide time away from the office to visit completed projects. We also have fun evenings together (uni golf, locked in a room etc) and have a day out of the office in both summer and winter. We offer competitive salaries and perks such as private healthcare so if you are interested in joining our Team, do get in touch.